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RONO™ Business Sustainability from here

Remember, while the whole RONO™ process is about ADDING VALUE and SETTING A STANDARD in your commercialisation process, BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY is the ultimate goal. RONO™ argues that except for technical reference, that the contract (figuratively) should remain in the ‘bottom draw’ of your (virtual) desk. The RELATIONSHIP takes over from here.
Furthermore, RONO™ advocates treating the RELATIONSHIP as a PARTNERSHIP. A solid PARTNERSHIP will manage new challenges. Now it’s time to CELEBRATE.

There are 4 strategies for this principle.

RONO™ – it’s pure business.
Successfully reaching this final point in the COMMERCIALISATION PROCESS is a rewarding experience. It is business generation in its purest form. For this reason the COMMERCIALISATION PROCESS and each time, doing it better – setting a standard, is ...

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