Getting the Result

Commercial OUTCOMES in the RONO™ Model

Sealing the value

Getting the result

Keeping customers and options

The formation and the value of the deal evolves towards the end of the NEGOTIATION PHASE by which time, the OUTCOME ‘picture’ should be clearly visible.

At the same time, experienced negotiators can testify that the latter stages of the commercialisation process, after the conclusion of the formal negotiation process, can be the most complex, time consuming, and most frustrating, when all the good work beforehand can be quickly de-railed.

For this reason, the OUTCOME PHASE requires the same level of attention as do the other PHASES in the commercialisation process.

RONO™ Advocates

RONO™ advocates that OUTCOMES is an exacting phase where value in the transaction to both sides is locked-in and protected by developing effective closing strategies with OPTIONS and addressing the detail in the final documentation.

RONO™ advocates that in the OUTCOMES PHASE ‘injured’ relationships should be quickly repaired – having regard to cultural requirements – to keep open RELATIONSHIPS and future OPTIONS.

RONO™ advocates the importance of business sustainability as an essential OUTCOME in the commercialisation process

Expectations of the OUTCOME Phase

The expectations of the OUTCOMES PHASE are:

  • to engage strategies to reach agreement in a timely manner without loss of value for all parties
  • to give undivided attention to the ‘hidden value’ of details – especially in documentation
  • to manage or remedy any negative relationship fall-out, and be aware of cultural requirements in any remediation processes
  • to managing contract modifications or subsequent rejection(s).

A Final Word

The most important OUTCOMES for you and the other party(s) in the whole commercialisation process are that:

  • each party sees the culmination of the commercialisation process as a success, and to each, the deal having its rightful value
  • your customer relationship is sufficiently healthy, relying on your RELATIONSHIP to manage post negotiation negative fallout (as per the ‘bottom draw’ concept referred to in this PHASE), and
  • that business continuity and sustainability are assured (as per the ‘partnership’ concept referred to in this PHASE).