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Location and negotiation start

So here you are about to enter serious discussion on your commercial transaction – either as a virtual meeting or ‘face to face’ (F2F). While the RONO™ STRATEGIES apply to F2F, many also apply to ‘virtual’ meetings for starting the negotiation. (Seek further web advice in the peculiarities for managing a virtual (Zoom, Teams, etc) meeting). For F2F NEGOTIATION, proper management of location and etiquette show professionalism. This PRINCIPLE considers STRATEGIES such as meeting location, home advantage/disadvantage, agenda preparation, introductions, room conditions, seating and more.

There are 7 strategies for this principle.

Presentation style.
Consider your personal style at the negotiation table or during a virtual (web) meeting. Ensure room is well ventilated. Have comfortable seating. Have water available. Be aware of gender mix. Speak clearly and slowly. If in another country/langua...

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