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RONO™ Coaching Advantage – Membership based*

RONO™ has been designed essentially as a business coaching/mentoring resource.

The coach is an expert in a given field – in this case based on experience in commercial negotiations and the commercialisation process. The benefits and value derived from coaching are well recognised by organisations and respected management theorists. By engaging an experienced and an independent facilitator, supported by a well-mapped commercialisation sequence (RONO™ and its Strategies/Guidelines in this case), the negotiation experience can be effectively transferred to individuals and corporate executives for the benefit of their organisation.

*The RONO™ Coaching Advantage is currently not available to Members.  However, as the Membership numbers increase, RONOSTRATEGIES.COM expects to be able to make the RONO™ Coaching Advantage available to Members which may further assist developing the skill of commercial negotiation as a core competency for you or your organisation.   

We would be pleased to receive as expressions of interest from Members on ‘Becoming a RONO™ Coach’  or ‘Receiving the RONO™ Coaching Advantage’ by completing the forms below. Data collected is subject to RONOSTRATEGIES.COM Privacy Policy.

Becoming a RONO™ Coach

We would like to hear from experienced commercial negotiators who may be interested in joining the RONO™ Coaching team. Please register your interest by completing the form below.

Receiving RONO™ Coaching

Alternatively, we would like to hear from individuals or corporations who may be interested in receiving specialist RONO™ coaching for your commercial negotiations. Please register your interest by completing the form below.

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