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Introducing  RONO™

Based on the RONO™ model, RONOSTRATEGIES.COM is an online business coaching resource, offering corporations and individuals strategies and actions for adding value and setting a standard to your high value commercial negotiations as part of your commercialisation process.

Experienced based, the RONO™ model identifies four sequential negotiation PHASES of the commercialisation process…


Starting with the up-front development of ‘commercial relationships’.


From there, RONO identifies development of ‘commercial options’ as the next logical commercialisation/negotiation PHASE.


Followed by the all important ‘commercial negotiations’.


Finally, and equally important, ‘commercial outcomes’.

Within each PHASE, the RONO™ model then identifies the key PRINCIPLES which contain all the important RONO™ STRATEGIES and ACTIONS for guiding you though the negotiation and commercialisation process.

RONOSTRATEGIES.COM contains over 180 STRATEGIES and ACTIONS linked logically to the PRINCIPLES within each PHASE.

A unique approach to commercial negotiations

Commercial negotiation is not simply a buyer/seller interaction. It is a rigorous process to build relationships, resolve differences, materialise outcomes, add value, and meet your organisation’s business sustainability objectives.

Every high value negotiation in the commercial world takes on its own unique characteristics. The STRATEGIES and ACTION in the RONO™ model are non-prescriptive guidelines and are not intended to cover every aspect of any commercial negotiation. Nor are they intended to provide ‘textbook’ or prescriptive solutions on negotiation situations, tactics, processes, etc. There are ample quality literature, virtual/web source and specific training courses on negotiation and commercialisation processes and related subjects available in the open marketplace.

RONO™ believes there is no set prescription for the commercial negotiation process.

RONO™ – experience-based

RONO™ model was developed by Mike Cochran of Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd (eccoaustralia.com), an Australian-based energy advisory.

Mike brings over 25 years commercial and marketing experience with large Australian and multinational based corporations operating in the global resources sector.

During that time Mike was responsible for the successful negotiation of numerous high value marketing, trading and project development transactions in the international and local minerals, oil, gas and petroleum markets.

As Ecco Consulting, with a strong interest in the commercialisation process, the challenge was to document this negotiation experience in a way which could be meaningfully shared with industry. Mike ultimately came up with the RONO™ concept and model. This, in turn, led to the development of RONOSTRATEGIES.COM as an online coaching resource for businesses and individuals seeking guidance in their commercial negotiations.

You knew it all the time

When I showed the final written up RONO™ document (then about 50 pages of small print) to a senior school English teacher friend, her response was, ‘I could have told you all that’!

That response came as no surprise.

I then later referred to Fisher and Ury’s ‘bible’ on negotiation ‘Getting to Yes’ (Random House,1991). The heading of the very first of three conclusions in that book’s two page ‘In Conclusion’ chapter was ‘You knew it all the time’! That said it all!

Mike Cochran

CEO, Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd

Negotiation skill – a core competency

Organisations with a skill-based core competency in commercialisation process and commercial negotiation are generally in a better position to compete and optimise value in their transactions.

Experienced negotiators understand the true and lasting value that can be extracted from a successful commercial negotiation process – to both the organisation and the customer. To minimise lost opportunities, attract increased value, and to quickly increase respect in world markets, large world corporations recognise the need for proper process and a ‘standard’ for conducting their critical commercial negotiations. The rigour of the process is the key element to obtaining the greatest value from commercial negotiations. RONO™ offers that rigour.