RONO™ Commercial Negotiation Guidelines

Your corporation’s pathway for adding value and setting a standard in your high value commercial negotiations.

Commercial negotiations can go horribly wrong. Experienced negotiators understand the true and lasting value that can be extracted from a successful commercial negotiation. Having the proper process in place can ensure optimal value outcomes in negotiating your commercial transactions.

Introducing RONO™

RONO™ is a new and innovative online management coaching model, offering corporations and individuals strategies for adding value and setting a standard to their high value commercial negotiations as part of its commercialisation process.

To guide, not prescribe

Supplementing literature and course work on negotiations, RONOSTRATEGIES.COM provides online guidelines for ADDING VALUE across all PHASES of your commercial negotiation process.

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Experience based

RONOSTRATEGIES.COM is based on over 25 years of direct corporate commercialisation and negotiation experience in international resource marketing, supply and project development.

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Business coaching resource

RONOSTRATEGIES.COM, a business coaching resource to assist corporations and individuals develop a skill in commercial negotiation, will become a core competency in your organisation.

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The RONO™ Model Explained

The objective of RONOSTRATEGIES.COM is to offer Members a well-thought-out phased structure to apply to your commercial negotiation process based on the RONO™ model.

Experience based, the RONO™ model identifies four sequential PHASES of the commercialisation process – ‘commercial relationships’ (RELATIONSHIPS), ‘commercial options’ (OPTIONS), ‘commercial negotiations’ (NEGOTIATIONS) and ‘commercial outcomes’ (OUTCOMES).

Within each PHASE, the RONO™ model identifies key PRINCIPLES which contain all the important RONO™ STRATEGIES and ACTIONS for guiding you though the negotiation and commercialisation process – the essence of RONOSTRATEGIES.COM.


Sequential commercialisation pathway to group the negotiation strategies.


Identified within each PHASE are a set of PRINCIPLES which form the structure of the commercialisation process.


Within each Principal are between five and ten STRATEGIES and ACTIONS for Member Access only.

What Membership offers – access to RONO™ PRINCIPLES and STRATEGIES

Click the View Principles of each PHASE below to explore the background for each PHASE, the list of PRINCIPLES for that PHASE and a description of the STRATEGIES and ACTION covered in that PRINCIPLE. Members will have full access to all STRATEGIES and ACTIONS, including a Summary Checklist and provision for Feedback.


Offering Business Sustainability

Actively establishing at the front end of the commercialisation process, an effective relationship with your customer(s) and within your organisation.


Preparation for the Negotiation

Continually seeking and creating options throughout the negotiation processes, especially at the preparation stage to add value to the transaction.


Meeting of the Minds

Applying skills required for discussion or face to face meeting phase of the negotiation process.

Getting the Result

The process and skills required to secure an agreement, handling relationships and allocating attention to end detail.

Getting started with RONO™

This website sets out the 37 PRINCIPLES, identified by PHASE, in the RONO™ coaching model.  Each PRINCIPLE also contains a brief introduction of the STRATEGIES  and ACTIONS covered in that PRINCIPLE.

A Membership is required for accessing the detailed and valuable STRATEGIES and ACTIONS within each PRINCIPLE.  The true value of a Membership is having access to these STRATEGIES and ACTIONS (about 180 in total) in the RONO™ model.

All Memberships start with a 7 Day Free Trial.


Register today to receive instant access to over 180 STRATEGIES and ACTIONS

In the future and as Membership increases, RONOSTRATEGIES.COM expects to be able to share with Members constructive feedback on the RONO™ PRINCIPLES and STRATEGIES from other members.

Furthermore, RONOSTRATEGIES.COM expects to be able to offer Members access to RONO™ Coaching Advantage when it becomes available.